Someone once told me: Happiness is there, beyond those lands, just 5 miles away.

Then he hold my hand and whisper to me: Let`s have a small walk, about 5 miles :).

DON`T EVER think that Happiness will come to you! Move and look for your own Happiness.

Happiness , and so Love, won`t find you, you should seek them everyday of your life.

Go, Hunter 🙂

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Hope is there!

Someone once told me: Hope is there! Somewhere beyond those lands, seek it and you`ll find it.

Don`t wait for it, climb those lands and you`ll be there, just in the middle of our Hearts.

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Just come, don`t wait, jump in 🙂

Don`t look behind, look forward.

Don`t be shy, just be You.

Don`t walk alone, come fly with me 🙂

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Be Proud

All you have to do, is Be Yourself.

And live your ownstory, `cause no one can walk out his ownstory, someone said.

We are what we choose to be, and we feel what we choose to do.

Be You.

Be Proud.

Be Confident.

And most of all, Be Happy.


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Use your smile to change the world.

Don`t let the world change your smile.

Smile and be happy no matter what!

Just Smile 🙂

When you smile you`ll create a beautiful way of life, a way will affect all people around you.

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Just Do

We all have dreams. We all wish to turn our dreams into reality.

But we don`t always do the right thing for that wish.

The only way for your dreams to turn into reality is the DOING.

Put a plan, and Start Doing More.

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Happiness is a form of Courage.

Happiness is not point you can touch, or window you can open, it`s a way of life.

The way you`re walking on, every single day. It`s not a goal, a target, a spire, it`s the way.

Live your current moment, `cause past is gone, and tomorrow is not here yet.

Just work on your moment, work hard, and your future will be ok, regadless your past.

that`s what really matter, the NOW.

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